Sizing Chart

Every child develops at his/her own pace making it tough to select the right size shoes.  To assist, Rileyroos has provided tools and tips to help.

It is important to note, sizing varies from brand to brand, so please be sure to put your child’s foot on our downloadable sizing chart to be certain the length is right. Measure left and right feet, as occasionally feet vary in size.   All shoes are a normal width.  See comments on our product descriptions, regarding fit!

Stage 1:  Rileyroos Baby Crib Shoes

Keep little feet cozy and protected with soft leather bottomed shoes.

Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Sole Length(cm) Sole Length(inches)
0 – 3  Months 1 – 2 16-17 9.5 cm 3.75 in

Stage 2: Rileyroos Baby / Infant Shoes

Designed for crawling, standing and early walking with signature leather bottom with rubber pads that extend heel to toe.

Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Sole Length(cm) Sole Length(inches)
3 – 6 Months 2 -3 18 10.8 cm 4.25 in
6 – 12 Months 3.5 – 4.5 19 12.0 cm 4.75 in
12 – 18 Months 5 – 6 20-21 13.3 cm 5.25 in
18 – 24 Months 6.5 – 7 22 14.6 cm 5.75 in

Stage 3: Rileyroos NEW Toddler / Little Kids Shoes

Designed for sturdy walkers with a soft, flexible rubber bottom extending heel to toe.

Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Sole Length(cm) Sole Length(inches)
7 22 6  13.9 cm 5.5 in
7.5 23 6.5 14.6 cm 5.75 in
8.0-8.5 24 7-7.5 15.9 cm 6.25 in
9 25 8 16.6 cm 6.75 in
9.5 26 8.5 17.8 cm 7.0 in
10-10.5 27 9.5 18.2 cm 7.25 in

Measure the Child’s Foot to Ensure the Best Fit

Click here to download a printable sizing chart

Tips & Suggestions

  • To make sure shoes fit correctly, measure both feet each time you buy a pair of shoes or every two to three months, whichever comes first.  Little feet grow very quickly during the toddler years.
  • Make sure the child is standing with feet about shoulder-width apart when you measure their feet.
  • Measure the child’s feet with socks, if they will wear socks with the shoes on a normal basis.
  • The child should be able to wiggle their toes and have at least a 1/4 inch gap between the tallest toe and end of the shoe.  This is important when measuring a child’s foot, a 1/4″ should be added to the measurement of the foot for proper growth and development.
  • Note:  Be sure your printer is set to print to scale before and after printing.  Under print options, ensure page scaling is set to “none.”After printing, validate the ruler is to scale, i.e. 1 inch is truly 1 inch. This can be done, with a mobile phone ruler app or a standard ruler.
  • We recommend use of our sizing chart prior to purchase, and place the child’s foot on the sizing chart.  Should you purchase the incorrect size, please review our exchange/return policy for processing times and shipping fees in our Customer Service section.
  • Several of our on-line retailers offer free returns and free exchanges for your shopping convenience and to assist with on-line purchase of footwear when sizing is uncertain.  To find a list of on-line retailers, visit our Store Locator.


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